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Spirit of the Animals Oracle Cards

Spirit of the Animals Oracle Cards

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Animal totems and their powerful medicine have held spiritual and cultural significance throughout history. Spirit of the Animals Oracle guides you on a journey to get to know 51 different animal helpers. By learning about each animal's special gifts you will be able to determine which animal's stories speak to you. As they share their wisdom and healing energy, you will discover and connect with your own inner strength. 

A QR code guidebook is available.

How to read Spirit of the Animals Oracle using the nine-card power animals spread:

Prepare yourself within a sacred space, seated in the middle, facing North. Shuffle the cards, sit with them and reverently ask your totem animals to reveal themselves to you and direct your hand to their cards. Spread the cards in a wide circle around you.

  1. Place the card for the East on your far right. This animal represents your earliest years.
  2. The second is the South and it is behind you. This animal is you in your youth.
  3. The third card, placed on your left, is the West, representing adulthood.
  4. The fourth card, before you, is the North. It represents later years.
  5. The fifth card, above you, provides guidance from father energy.
  6. The sixth card is below you. This animal provides guidance from mother energy.
  7. The seventh card, directly in front of you, is the animal spirit within you.
  8. The card to your right is your life totem.
  9. The card to your left is your other life totem.

If you pull the personal choice card within your nine animal totems, ask your intuition what it represents to you.

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